Welcome to Elements Computer System

We are the Elements Of Your Computer System

The Five Basic Elements Of Computer System Are

  1. Storage
  2. Arithmetic and Logical Unit
  3. Control Unit
  4. Input device
  5. Output device

And The Basic Element Of Your Computer System is Us -

Elements Computer System.

Because we are the five basic elements of your computer system.


We have the most suitable storage solution for your organization to store one of the most valuable resources - data. You can have a hassle free server in your office, or you can store your data at the secure server which you can access the data any time and every where.

Arithmetic and Logical Unit

With a logical goal, we provide the most cost effective, practical and feasible solution to smooth your corporate process and make your resources perform more effectively.

Control Unit

By using our cost effective mistake proofing solution to control your user data access or internet traffic will the most easiest task that you ever perform. By monitoring and auditing, you will be able to gain more control on the computer system in your organization.

Input device

We help you to automate your data entry process so that you can relocate your resource to other task that can't be automated. Beside that our hassle free solution come with web based GUI which allow you to update or modify data from any device at any time and every where. We also provide a channel for your customer to input their valuable feedback, enquiry and even their purchasing order into your system.

Output device

We provide data mining application that help you to generate sales report, customer behaviour analytic report and even your corporate web site monthly traffic report. doc is not the only extension for your document, you can have your document output as pdf, png and other popular file format.
The following are some services that our company providing
  • Enterprise Server And Network Maintenance Contract
  • PC and Laptop Maintenance Contract
  • eCommerce Consulting and SEO
  • Web Hosting And Domain Registration
  • Windows Server To Linux Server Migration
  • ERP,CRM And POS Consulting And Deployment
  • On Site Support Service
and more.