Core Expertise

Our core areas of expertise and services

  • System administration and tuning
  • Open Source platform integration
  • System Migration and Integration
  • Custom/ Turn Key Open Source System Development
  • Network planning, topology and system security design
  • Client/server architectures and applications
  • Support and Maintenance Services
  • Setup and installation
  • Custom hardware configurations
  • Configuration of routers, terminal servers, and host integration
  • Internet expertise and firewalls
  • Proactive systems administration services, to smooth out or eliminate problems associated with high growth
  • Short term, staff replacement sys-admins
  • SAMBA and Linux Server replacement of NT servers
  • Secure Web Server installations
  • Training


We provide detailed consulting to help you make an informed decision. We are reducing your company IT budgets , improve the IT infrastructure, improve the performance of your IT system, optimize company resources, reduce the overall costs operation, help you gain competitive advantage. We are the provider that help our customers with a low cost budget to gain a high quality solution.

Network, System and Security Service

Elements Computer System has a team of qualified and experienced IT systems support staff. These staff are available for both short term consultancy work and long term contracting.

Elements Computer System offers your organization a dedicated team of experienced network and system administrators, Internet and desktop support personnel committed to meeting delivery deadlines, budget allocations and other business IT objectives.
Advantages to clients include:
  • Adaptation of our data network management toolset and techniques for clients network
  • Our in depth knowledge of emerging industry trends and standards
  • A high degree of immediate technical competency being made available to clients organization, enhancing clients existing infrastructure and expertise

From site audits and firewalls, to security documentation and policy recommendation.

We have a core group of senior staff, who are recognized within the IT industry for their expertise in performing security analysis of Internet gateways and firewalls, the creation of security policies and documentation, as well as performing site inspections and audits.

System Migration

The average Linux System Administrator only migrates services or servers once or twice a year. Forgotten small, seemingly insignificant, details can lead to hours or days of unusual results, sites reachable by some but unreachable by others, and lost data and productivity. Our staff does migrations all the time.

Common migration tasks include:
  • Updating operating system, web server, or other service software.
  • Moving hardware or services from one location to another.
  • Switching ISPs.
  • Adding "hot spare" redundancy to your systems through
  • High Availability.

We have the experience necessary to make your transitions go smoothly, with little or no customer or user visible down-time.
We'd love to help you with your next migration. Contact us for a free initial consultation.